The Global Fintech & Digital Asset Co

Prestige Technologies Corp is a global fintech and digital asset company. With a strong belief in the future of blockchain technology, Prestige harness the power of asset tokenisation to enable co-ownership of a diversified asset portfolio, making asset ownership accessible to everyone whether you have $100 or $1 million.

Beyond fintech and digital asset, Prestige seeks to provide true value to all shareholders with strong investment holdings in diversified areas such as real estates and other income-generating asset. Grab the limited opportunity to own a share of Prestige and its investment assets. We are bigger and better together at Prestige.


What We Do

Prestige uses blockchain technology to develop the Prestige ecosystem of decentralised finance, including payments, exchange and loans with our flagship token, the Prestige Coin. Further returns to shareholders are created through real assets acquisitions and other financial investments to enhance our profitability.


Our Approach

Asset tokenisation allows investors around the world to participate in building a valuable company owned by every shareholder. We are bigger and better together, and we can certainly achieve more as a Prestige community.


Our Mission

We are not a bank, we are more than that. We want to provide an equal opportunity for small investors to own a share of Prestige at an affordable bite size and to participate in the future growth and success of the company.

Global Fintech

Prestige aims to capture opportunities in asset acquisition to build an income-generating asset base for shareholders, while funding the development of Prestige Coin and its associated ecosystem of wallet, payment, and exchange technology. A financial technology firm at its core, Prestige is well-diversified and resilient, ready to build Prestige Coin as the next- generation crypto-asset.

Digital Asset

Prestige plans to develop its own crypto-asset, the Prestige Coin, with a fixed limited supply. A third of this will be given to every shareholder of Prestige along with shares purchase. This is a rare opportunity to own shares of a promising crypto-asset issuer at the best possible valuation and also to enjoy early access to the next-generation crypto-asset, the Prestige Coin, at the lowest price before its official launch and subsequent listing on the exchanges.