Prestige Asset Sharing

Digitize your asset through our asset tokenization platform.

Prestige Asset Sharing is our flagship institutional-grade asset tokenization platform built upon blockchain technology to facilitate greater participation and accessibility to large assets that are otherwise inaccessible to most individuals. For example, you may use $100 to buy 0.0001% of a $100 million asset, instead of having to come up with the full $100 million.

Tokenization of an asset such as real estate allows fractional ownership, improved liquidity, and broader investor base. The use of blockchain technology facilitates quick, secure, cheaper and automated transactions, with no intermediary required. Records are transparent and immutable, thus providing a cost-effective and secure way for investors to participate in large assets.


Digital Onboarding

Easy onboarding process to join and manage your digital assets.




Facilitate buying and selling of your digital assets easily.



One-stop portal to manage your digital assets securely.


Manage your Digital Asset portfoli0

All assets like funds, debts, private equity, commodities and real estate can be digitized.